Marriage Conference - Sundays, February 12 - March 12

Creative Church will be giving away a FREE queen sized "My Pillows" to every first time adult guest!

Sundays February 12 - March 12

At Creative Church, you'll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you. At each service, you can expect a thought-provoking and engaging message based on the Bible, high-energy music, and more!

Creative Church will be giving away a FREE Queen Sized "My Pillow" to every first time adult guest!

We’ve designed our church so that your kids will love it too! While you’re in our church experience, your children will be playing games, interacting with other kids their own age and learning about how much God loves them. Most importantly, all of our kids environments are safe, secure and lots of fun.

More about the series "Pillow Talk"

Our Pastors Jonathan & Joanne Brozozog are going to be sharing a message focused on relationships that will both have you laughing and inspired! We want everyone to have an amazing marriage and this series is going to focus on some tools that will help you get there.

Invest In Your Marriage

Sundays February 12 - March 12

Pastors Jonathan & Joanne Brozozog

Lead Pastors of Creative Church

Montell & Kristin Jordan

Making Your Marriage a Masterpiece

Pastors Joe & Kayla Dobbins

Lead Pastors of Twin Rivers Church

Pastors Ron & Hope Carpenter

Lead Pastors of Redemption Church

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